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SERIOUS PANIC for individuals who have COUNCIL TAX DEBT as bailiffs make aggressive home visits To Collect Debt

Thousands of UK families are using this great new online solution Finder to stop creditor and Bailiff harassment.
By Lily Hathaway
Teams of Bailiffs are Visiting residential homes to collect council tax debt from debtors.

Individuals with council tax debt panic as they face serious legal consequences and huge bailiff enforcement fees

In today's tough economic climate many people find themselves in a situation where they are unable to keep up with their payments, whether it be council tax, credit cards or even rent.

The UK government has introduced new ways of helping those who are struggling financially pay off their debts more easily. Councils now have the power to write-off an agreed amount of your debt, if you meet certain criteria (depending on which council).

First things first, how does council tax debt affect you? If the council decides to take action against you for being in arrears they can send bailiffs round who will seize property or goods to sell, either at auction or privately depending on what they are. If this happens then you need to act now to stop it happening again.
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The council can inflict serious penalties and court action

The council are also allowed to charge 13% interest per year that your debt remains outstanding before taking further action beyond sending bailiffs round. This is why it's important not to wait until they start doing this.

If the council do decide to send bailiffs round or take other enforcement action then there are certain rules they must follow.

Understandably you may be scared of what will happen if they send bailiffs round, however it's important to know that the only things they can take are items which repay the debt. They can take control of items of value such as your vehicle or items inside your home.
Bailiffs Force Entry Into A Property In Greater Manchester Region
There are some things that they cannot take including work tools, clothes and bedding.

They also cannot take goods which belong to somebody else like a family member or a lodger. If they have taken something that they shouldn't then you can go to court.

If you feel that paying all of the council tax debt and others debts would leave you with no money left over to live on (pay bills, buy food etc.) then you can apply for a debt help solution.

In many cases, once the debt help solution has been applied successfully through a licensed debt professional. The council will agree to write-off any unaffordable debt and stop any bailiff action from happening - which is great if you want to avoid the harassment of bailiffs at your home or a county court judgement.
Government Legislation has served as an excellent basis of
debt relief for a significant amount of people in 2022.
Government Legislation has served as an excellent basis of debt relief for a significant amount of people in 2022.

Are you worried about council tax debt?

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you may be concerned with your council tax debt.

This is understandable because of the anxiety and stress it can cause to be summoned to court and to end up with a county court judgement on your credit file. Notwithstanding, the extortionate charges bailiffs apply to enforce the original debt.

In some cases, personal debts of £5,000 can spiral out of control to £15,000 or more when left ignored. This is something every person wants to do everything within their power to avoid.
Bailiffs Often Request Assistance From The Police When Collecting The Target Debt

Benefits of government approved debt relief

• Your debt could be legally written-off if you successfully enter into a formal debt solution;

• Any interest and charges will be frozen which will prevent further late payment penalties;

• If you successfully enter into a formal debt solution, bailiffs and creditors will no longer be able to legally contact you by law;

• Court and legal proceedings can be stopped which will prevent county court judgements from being created or added to your record.
Via Government Legislation
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